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Title: Carrying another's weight
Author/Artist: Arcielfreeder (There's art there somewhere :D)
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Roronoa Zoro & Sanji
Rating: G for Nakamaship (Yes, not BL at all unless you think so xD)
Word Count: 1,140
Spoilers: Thriller Bark Arc, after Kuma extracted Luffy's pain and transferred it to Zoro.

A/N: Hi there, Arciel here! Suddenly I had the urge to write a fic after chatting with a friend and reading Xiggymatsu's work. And I blame my dash yesterday for the idea! I don't usually write (I mean, I rarely do) coz my vocabulary is too plain (it sucks lol). I'm thinking of just turning this fic into a doujinshi when I get the chance. It's probably a common story but I haven't read something like this so far so I went for it. Anyways, enjoy! xD

"Huh? What.."

Zoro muttered under his breath as he opened his eyes or at least one of them. The dried blood glued his other eye shut. He grunts at the painful throbbing in his head, his chest, his back, his legs or actually his everything. His ears were ringing from the deafening silence and his vision still hasn't focused. Everything was a blur. Floating. Swaying… as if he was advancing with an unsteady rhythm yet he couldn't really move his body. His entirety was numb. "Am I… dead?" He asked himself.

"You're not dead yet."

That really surprised him. He wasn't expecting any reply, none at all. Not from himself. Not from anyone in the least. He was alone as far as he could remember. "W-Who?"

"It's the great Prince-sama! You're still half-unconscious, aren't you?"

He couldn't really make out what the person was saying, but he felt really good to hear a voice… that voice. His eye slowly started to focus and his ears could now hear the footsteps a certain someone makes with his soles along with that familiar nicotine smell. "Shitty cook."

"Welcome back to the human world, alien Marimo-kun."

It was the cook, no doubt. Even though his vision was still a bit blurry, he could see the bright yellow hair piercing his eye like sunlight. As soon as he was able to see clearly, he saw that he wasn't walking but is still advancing forward. He wondered.. how? And he soon found the answer himself. The cook was carrying him ala piggy-back ride. His arms were around the cook's neck, legs embraced by the other man's thin arms. This made the swordsman's face went completely red with humiliation.

"AHHH. Oi! Put me down!" Zoro struggled while Sanji tried his best to balance himself with the other man's weight.

"Stop struggling! You'll make us fall!"

Sanji was nearly at his limit too. He was just using the remaining energy he got from his brief rest after Zoro knocked him down flat. "And can you not shout? You're hurting my ears with your gruff voice, aho." Considering that their faces were near each other under these circumstances. Not like he could carry the other guy like a princess or a sack of potato with the other man's injuries and his remaining strength. And most definitely Sanji wasn't gonna do the Princess style. Never… to a man.

"Shit! This is embarrassing. At least remove this damn thing on my wrists!"

"That's my most expensive tie on your shitty wrists. You can't even stay conscious or move, let alone walk! So don't you start now.. even I'm exhausted."

"That's why you have to—"


That serious, low tone calling his name in a commanding yet pleading manner pricked somewhere within Zoro. He didn't know exactly where, but it sort of… hurt. His pride.. yes. Maybe?

"Don't be such a kid."

He was taken aback by Sanji's words. This was actually one of the few times the cook was acting his age, Zoro thought. This made him shut up and felt somewhat defeated. Irritated as he was, he just couldn't put up another fight anymore. His competitive streak suddenly left him. Or probably, he just wasn't in the mood to bicker due to the continuous throbbing in his head and lack of energy to do so.

"Hey." Zoro started up again with his hoarse voice but calmly this time.

"What? I'm not removing anything."

"Did you clean me up too?"

Sanji flinched at the question. He was somewhat embarrassed remembering the image of wiping every part of the man, gently. "Of course! I can't bring you back looking like that. Anyone would get worried if they see you covered in your own blood!" He brashly retorted in his usual pissed tone. "I couldn't really remove much of the stain but at least you're not dripping. Thought I have to get you to Chopper fast."

"I see."

Sanji was obviously worried. Not just for him. He knew the cook thought for everyone else's sake. Under that skirt chasing, chivalrous-attitude-exclusive-for-women-only cook, Zoro knew he was gentle to everyone, be it a man or a woman. If it was Nami or Usopp who found him for that matter, surely there'll be a huge fuss over him (especially Chopper).  Zoro felt relieved it was him who found him.



"Even though I don't like your attitude, like hell I can leave you out there like that! If you were in my shoes," Sanji halts for a brief moment before abruptly turning his head to face the swordsman, looking him in the eye.

Zoro Sanji

Zoro stared at the blonde's eye. Blue. It was rare to see the cook looking at him seriously from this distance. There have been lots of chances where their faces were only inches apart during their daily bickering but this one was different. The cook was like the personified figure of the daytime sky… blue eyes and bright yellow hair. Zoro thought it was kind of romantic—no, not romantic but… beautiful. But he doesn't really give a damn about these sort of things. Not that hair, nor that eye, not even that eyebrow which he usually uses to tease or insult the cook. Well.. not until now (which he'll never admit.. ever).

Sanji felt that looking at each other like that was awkward so he briskly turned his head back in the direction he was walking towards to and started taking another step. "If not then you're an asshole."

Now if only his mouth wouldn't utter those kind of words, Zoro thought. But that was what makes the shitty cook the 'shitty cook'. Zoro couldn't help but put a small smile in his mouth and answer. "I would."

"Probably." He added.

That sudden agreeable answer surprised Sanji for a bit. But he knew somewhere that the swordsman would do the same even if he had answered differently. Neither of them was honest with each other to start with so Zoro's answer wasn't really that important. But it made the cook more assured after hearing it, that it actually made his heart flutter for a split moment before brushing all his emotions again with a snarky remark to the other man. "Ooh. So you finally understand, idiot. Now shut up and rest. Just remember not to die in your sleep."

"I won't.." was Zoro's last words before he drifted to sleep.

"Heh. Using your last bit of consciousness to argue with me… Should I be flattered?" Sanji asked even though he knew that the unconscious swordsman in his back wouldn't hear it anymore.

But.. I can't have you dying on me now, idiot. Not before Luffy becomes the pirate king and you the strongest swordsman there is.

Sanji kept walking 'til they reached their nakama.


A/N: Don't look at me, haha! But here's a dare. Try re-reading only the quoted (" ")words in the fic… innuendo attack! /shot

Comments would be nice.. ahahaha. ////u////
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